Prices vary by specialist.
Ranges of general services we provide:

$75-350 total

$240-650 / please explore the booking site for more detailed explanations.


I believe hair should be about self expression, & never a cover up job. Your real hair, is good hair. Most often I’m sought out by those trying to retain length, with balanced shaping. My curly lessons are always about doing less. Seamless color is always the goal.


Our resident sweetheart. Her attention to detail makes it easy to relax through your appointment. Her passion for creating beautiful hair and her dedication to providing exceptional service make her an invaluable member of this team. She’s an OG CurlCraft favorite, everyone likes to have at least a quick hello with this ray of sunshine.


Ro is the physical embodiment of “Spice up your life.” Her vibrant energy permeates the salon. She thrives doing color work, and has an eye for shorter ‘dos plus anything funky. If you’re looking for an understanding, compassionate hand at figuring it the frick out – look no further.


Tatum might have cute nicknames for everything but she is ready to get down to business with your haircut. If you want any kind of bob, she is *chefs kiss* thorough. Bring her those inspo photos and be ready for her to tailor it to exactly what fits YOU best. Sometimes subtle shifts in color can really elevate a look, if you are ready to relax behind the chair – let Tatum take the wheel with her minimalist color approach.


Coral has a wealth of experience. She is a former national curly educator, specialist of 11 years, and she still retains part ownership of her own curly hair salon located in Chicago. Her easy going nature has immediately clicked with our salon culture. She kills it with tighter coils and styling know how. A visit with Coral will help you can feel in control of your hair instead of the other way around.


Oh what a world of difference a blonde specialist can make. Especially one who has dedicated herself to embracing natural patterns & textures. Amy is a seasoned stylist, she foils at the speed of light, yet with the upmost care. As you know integrity is everything with blonding services. Heed her advice & “oh baby” cheers your win at finding this gem of a stylist.


Olive radiates effortless cool girl vibes, and who doesn’t want that chick as their stylist? She wants you to leave the salon a whole VIBE yourself. She lives for healthy hair self-care routines. Do not deny yourself a scalp scrub & treatment add on because she’s got HANDS (and nails) that will melt all your troubles away at the shampoo bowl.


Introducing Alejandra, aka Ale, our shining apprentice. Not only is she bilingual, but she also boasts a mane that has become the envy of all—serving as everyone’s ultimate density goals. With a disposition as sweet as honey, Ale’s puts everyone at ease. Step into our salon and let her gentle approach and expert touch elevate your curly hair experience!


If you like every curl in place, you’re going to want to meet Rolando. He jumped right into specializing in curls from the start of his career,  now thats dedication. His skills are best showcased in his work with high density patterns and distinct shapes. Think *heavily layered*. Swing by and let him transform your curls into the show-stopping mane you deserve.

Arrive with your hair down and fully dried in its natural pattern.

Wash day 1 (day of appointment) is most ideal, not only for best results but out of consideration for your stylist.

No pony tails, clips, or hat head.

Minimal product is fine.

No brush styling, meaning do not brush in your styling products. This is a disruption/manipulation of your natural curl pattern and is not safe to dry cut. NO DENMAN BRUSH.

Completely at a loss?

Wash & condition your hair, then air dry.

Our schedule only allows bookings up to 30 days in advance, meaning every day a new day will open up 30 days out on the hour. THANK YOU ahead of time for being so patient.

Tip for last minute openings: Turn on story notifications for @curlcraftsalon salon/Specialists’ instagrams to be the first to see last minute openings.

Another hot tip: Mondays we get the most cancellations/reschedules so it is a great time to check for any last minute openings on the booking platform.

Please let us know ASAP if you will not be arriving to your appointment.

Pre 48 hours mark – by canceling or rescheduling utilizing the confirmation link sent via email or text.

Post 48 hour mark – by texting the salon (responding to the confirmation texts) we will manually take care of cancellation and collection of fees.

System wont allow you to Cancel?

You are past the 48 hour cancellation window. You will be marked as a “No Show”, until you pay your cancellation fee. While we understand that things change, we cannot incur the cost of everyone’s life circumstances. We ask that you do not book an appointment if you cannot afford to incur these fees.

There are no exceptions. Not even Covid.

Can’t Reschedule?

Our online booking software will not allow you to reschedule your appointment within 48 hours because of our cancellation window.

All rescheduling must be done online – if nothing comes up, nothing is available.

Pre 48 hour mark – Simply cancel for now, and book as a new appointment when something opens up. The waitlist is a great tool to be notified when your desired appointment slot has opened.

If you have not paid your cancellation fees, your appointment request will be declined.

If you have never had color with us before, yes. Saturday appointments cannot be guaranteed as they are in extremely high demand.
Amy is our only stylist who doesn’t require a color consult prior, and is bookable online.

Curly hair cuts are for those of you that wear your hair in its natural state the majority of the time.

The hair is cut dry and in its own natural pattern.

This is to allow for the discrepancy in curl patterns and their varying degrees of shrinkage.

Also, your appointment will not finish in a round brush blowout. You will be finished set in your natural texture.

Your child must be able to sit still throughout their appointment.
They must be booked as a *New Client Curly Cut* unless their parent is an existing client and therefor knows how to prepare their hair for an express cut.
Amy, Ro, and Coral are the only two stylist comfortable working with kids under 13 years of age.

Hair painting is a highlighting technique that creates seamless variation in color. In other words no harsh lines. Hair painting has the ability to mimic what the sun did to our hair as children.

The lightner used with this technique has a clay additive which allows it to process within a hardened exterior shell. Other forms of lightning; such as in foil or on scalp, generate more heat and add to the chemical process.

NOT SUITABLE for anyone who prefers cool tones. All hair naturally lifts warm with this hair painting technique – this product isn’t strong enough to get us past that.

For the same reason, it’s also not always suitable for those with base color.

Buy it here!

Of course. Please book as a new client curly cut for first time appointments.

💡 If you have feedback or need follow-up about a recent appointment (within past 2 weeks), use the contact form to let us know!

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Our Space

  • Newly renovated (2022) – 2400 square foot loft-style, 2nd story salon space
  • Salon ergonomics are an ongoing consideration for salon equipment and stations (eg. shampoo bowls are backwash units, anti-fatigue mats, etc.)
  • Bright & open –  natural light from multiple (8!) skylights, providing daylight to each station.
  • Minimal exposure to harsh chemicals – with long-term vision to become a clean-air salon.

Our neighborhood

Located on University Ave in San Diego, California in an urban and highly walkable neighborhood North Park – the salon is on the main drag, where the area has access to many restaurants, retail shops, cafes, and breweries.


Apply Online

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Do you want us to host you or attend a class? Please reach out to us by email – or use the contact form for business inquiry.

Upcoming Events
  • April 10th, 2023 – CurlCraft, an education experience.
    An event flyer for Curly Hair Education. For Stylists. Hosted at the CurlCraft Salon in North Park San Diego, CA. Flyer says: Look & learn with Skylar. Monday, April 10th 11am - 3pm. Demo will include 3 models. Focus on curly cutting and styling. Ticket price is $350.
  • January 23rd, 2023 – Mr. Smith Stylist Series: Cutting with Nicholas Roach
  • July 25th, 2022 – Mr. Smith Stylist Series: Cutting with Heather Packer

All booking is online through the booking system. No phone calls, DMs, etc. Do not use this form for booking inquiries.

  • To contact CurlCraft on the day of your appointment:
    Simply text us by replying to your confirmation text.
  • To cancel CurlCraft bookings:
    Use the link in your appointment confirmation to cancel any previously made reservations, before the 48 hour cancellation window.



  • I want to book an appointment.
    Do it here.
  • Day-of appointment communication
    Running Late? Not showing up? Reply to your confirmation text.
  • Online booking is broken
    No it is not. Read how it works.
  • Reschedule missed appointment
    We don’t reschedule – simply book again.
  • Reschedule missed COLOR appointment
    Please reply to your confirmation text to reschedule COLOR only.
  • Unhappy with service 2 or more weeks ago
    Tell us sooner. It is past the fix-it window.

Allow 72 hours for reply

We do not sell your personal data.

You can park in the residential areas and near parks, if you do not mind a short walk. For example:

You can also find parking in the following local parking garages:

Ace Parking – North Park Garage

3829 29th St, San Diego, CA 92104

$1 Per hour
$5 Daily Max from 6AM-6PM.
$5 Flat rate from 6PM-6AM.
$10 Lost ticket fee.

Grim Lots

3815 Grim Ave, San Diego, CA 92104